Learner FAQ - Grades and Feedback

How do I view my grades?

Use the Grades tool on the navbar to check your grades on assignments and tests. You can see your individual grades, as well as the grade formula used to evaluate you. Depending on how your grades are set up, you might be able to view comments and overall class performance statistics as well.

Note: Bonus grade items are displayed without the grade formula because they are added to the final grade after other calculations and may not adhere to the established grade scheme. Therefore, you can only view the numeric value and possibly the weight of a bonus grade.

Where do I go to see my final grades?

Your final grades will be posted in your transcript or your school’s grade postings. Instructors may or may not post the final grades in Brightspace so D2L recommends viewing final grades from your transcript.

How do I view grades for old courses?

Similar to final grades, grades for old course are posted in your transcript.

How do I obtain a copy of my transcript?

To obtain a copy of your transcript, contact your enrollment/Registrar’s office.

How do I know when my grades are available?

You can sign up to receive immediate text or email notifications when a grade item is released or updated.

Note: You must set up a contact method before subscribing to notifications.

  1. From your personal menu on the minibar, click Notifications.

  2. Select if you want to receive Email or SMS notifications for the option Grades - grade item released or Grades - grade item updated.

  3. Click Save.

Where do I go to view feedback for quizzes, assignments, and discussions?

First, verify with your instructor that feedback is available for viewing.

If your instructor informs you that feedback is available for the activity, you can view the feedback from the respective tool. For example, to view assignment feedback, go to the Assignments tool, Class Progress, or Content.

Note: Depending on how Brightspace is configured in your organization, you may also go to the Grades tool to see completed rubric feedback for assignments, discussions, and quizzes.

Why can't I see my grade?

If you can’t see your grade, the grade has not been published yet. Contact the instructor for more information about when the grade will be available for viewing. If the instructor has already stated that the grade should be available, contact the instructor and inform them that your grade is still not visible.

Why does my grade say "Dropped"?

If your grade says "Dropped", the instructor:

  • Dropped the highest and/or lowest grade item in this category.

  • Dropped this assignment so it does not count toward the final grade.

In either case, contact the instructor of the course for more information.

Who do I contact about grade inquiries for assignments, discussions, etc.?

For inquiries about assignments, discussions, and other course content, contact the course instructor.