Print a Classlist

You can print a list of learners in your classlist. The print out contains the learner's Image, Last Name, First Name, Org Defined ID, Role, and Last Accessed date and time.

To print a Classlist:

  1. On the course home page, click Classlist.
  2. To print a list containing multiple learners, select the check boxes for every learner you want to print, and then click Print. The Print Classlist dialog box appears and displays the information you are printing.
  3. Click Print.
  4. To print the entire Classlist, click Print at the top of the page. The Print Classlist page appears.
  5. Click Print.
  6. To print only a list of learners with accommodations, click Print and set your search filter to only display learners with accommodations:
    • On the Print Classlist page, click Show Search Options.
    • Select the Users with Accommodations check box,
    • In the Search for text box, click the search icon.
  7. Click Print. The Print Classlist dialog box appears.
  8. Click Print and select your printer.
  9. Click Print.