1. What is the difference between grade categories and grade items?
  2. How do I create a grade category and item?
  3. How do I set the grading system for the course?
  4. What is the difference between the weighted, points, and formula grading systems?
  5. How do I properly set the weighted system?
  6. How do I properly set the points system?
  7. Why don’t I see the formula grading system as an option in the Grades tool's Settings?
  8. How do I exclude a grade category or item from the final grade calculation?
  9. Why do grades return to null after leaving feedback in an assignment?
  10. How do I re-order grade categories and items?
  11. How do I hide grade categories and items?
  12. How do I set date restrictions for grade categories or items?
  13. How do I attach a discussion topic to a grade item?
  14. How do I attach an assignment to a grade item?
  15. How do I attach a quiz to a grade item?
  16. How do I delete a grade item associated with a tool?
  17. How do I import grades?
  18. What file format should I use to import grades?
  19. How do I export grades?