View notifications in Brightspace Pulse

To ensure that you receive up-to-date information, Brightspace Pulse sends push notifications for all new and updated notifications. This removes the need to manually check for notifications. These notifications help to keep you informed about course-related updates from Announcements, Activity Feed, Grades, Quizzes, Assignments, and Content in Brightspace Learning Environment.

After logging in for the first time, course notifications do not appear until new updates are created in Brightspace Learning Environment.

Note the following:

  • You cannot configure the notifications you receive in Brightspace Pulse.
  • Discussion topic due dates are unsupported as notifications in Brightspace Pulse.

To view notifications, tap the Notifications icon Notifications tab. If there are unread notifications, a Brightspace Pulse red notification dot icon red notification dot displays on the Notifications icon Notifications tab.

Note: If you have multiple Brightspace Pulse accounts and there is at least one outstanding notification for any of the accounts, a Brightspace Pulse red notification dot icon red notification dot displays on the Brightspace Pulse Menu icon Menu icon or organization logo in the navigation bar.

The Updates sub-tab displays the following notification types:

  • Introductory updates - When you log in to Brightspace Pulse for the first time, introductory notifications appear. Each notification provides a tip on how Brightspace Pulse can keep you notified about the latest grades and Announcements for your courses.
  • Created or updated course content - To keep you informed about course content, Brightspace Pulse sends notifications when course content is created or updated in Brightspace Learning Environment. You can view new and updated content associated with a notification, viewing the content directly in Brightspace Pulse. This also applies to content where a due date has been associated with the item. To view the content, tap the update and then tap Open. If there is no file URL available, tap Open in browser, which opens the content in Brightspace Learning Environment.
  • Created or updated Course Overview documents - When an instructor adds or updates the Course Overview document in Brightspace Learning Environment, you receive notifications in Brightspace Pulse and the Brightspace Learning Environment minibar.
    In Brightspace Learning Environment, you can optionally choose to receive instant notifications via email or text message when the Course Overview document is updated.
  • Course announcements - When an instructor wants to communicate changes to course updates, information, and reminders via course announcements, you receive a course announcement in Brightspace Pulse.
  • Activity Feed - When an instructor uses Activity Feed to post reminders about upcoming assignments and links to course materials, you receive notifications about those posts. Tapping an Activity Feed notification displays the associated post or comment in the Activity Feed.
  • New grades - When an instructor enters grades in a grade book, you receive grade notifications in Brightspace Pulse. View grades in Brightspace Pulse by tapping the update and then swiping left to reveal the grade.
  • Upcoming quizzes and assignments - You receive notifications about upcoming quizzes and assignments under the following conditions:
    • If the assignment or quiz has a due date, you are notified two days before the due date.
    • If the assignment or quiz has no due date, but has an end date, you are notified two days before the end date.
      Note: By default, notifications display two days before each activity's due date or end date. However, your administrator can change the default value to specific hours or days.