View upcoming work in Brightspace Pulse

In Brightspace Pulse, the Upcoming iconUpcoming tab displays upcoming work (activities) for your courses. The graph displays upcoming activities at-a-glance, indicating which days are the busiest.

You can filter the list of activities by tapping the Work To Do, Events, or All sub-tabs.

Navigate weeks by swiping left/right or using Apple VoiceOver. As you navigate, the activity list updates, displaying a summary of activities due for the day. Tapping a day in the graph also updates the activity list.

The activity list displays a summary of your activities, for example, readings, assignments, and evaluations.

  • Navigate activities by swiping up or down.
  • Swiping left or right moves to the next or previous week. As you navigate, the graph updates.
  • Tapping an activity displays detailed information and actions you can perform.
  • When an activity is complete, a Brightspace Pulse check mark iconCheck Mark icon automatically displays.

Start dates, end dates, and due dates for activities

To help you stay on track, Brightspace Pulse uses start dates, end dates, and due dates for activities, ensuring that the activities appear in the Upcoming tab. However, for some activities, due dates do not apply. Specifically, for discussion topics and surveys added from the Content tool, these activities must have a start date and end date. If these activities only have a due date and are added from the Content tool, they do not appear in the Upcoming tab.