Data access in Brightspace Pulse

To allow administrators and instructors to see when learners log in and access courses from Brightspace Pulse, the app sends session and course access events to the Brightspace Data Platform (BDP). The BDP stores these events, and then computes and stores the aggregated data, which can then be accessed through various course reporting tools, such as Classlist, Class Progress, Adoption Dashboard, Engagement Dashboard, and the Course Overview widget. For example, in Classlist, the Last Accessed column displays a timestamp when a learner accesses a course from Brightspace Pulse.

Note the following:

  • Brightspace Pulse only reports on the completion of content topics and when they were last opened, not the time spent in a particular topic. For most content topics (including videos), they are marked as complete when the learner opens the topic, not how much time they spent in the topic. This is consistent with how content completion is recorded in Brightspace Learning Environment. For more information on tracking the time spent viewing content in Brightspace Learning Environment, see the Class Progress documentation.

  • For more detailed course reporting, the Course Access data set, used by the Data Hub, includes Pulse-related information.