Brightspace Pulse and microservices

Microservices in the Brightspace Cloud

Brightspace Pulse is dependent on the following microservices in the Brightspace Cloud:

  • LMS Discovery Service - Provides a list of schools and organizations so learners don't need to know the specific URL
  • Authentication Service - Provides user and service-level authentication and authorization via the OAuth2 protocol
  • Landlord Service - Provides each Brightspace instance with a TenantId, a permanent globally unique identifier
  • Hypermedia Proxy Service - Acts as a proxy or mediator to learning paths within Brightspace platform
  • User Graph Service - Provides an API and caching for information displayed in Brightspace Pulse
  • Brightspace Event Flow Service - Provides awareness of Brightspace Learning Environment events for Brightspace Pulse, allowing Brightspace Pulse to send notifications

Proxy server support

The Authentication Service supports proxy servers.

Important: You must specify the host name (not the IP address) and port 443.