Collect and upload photo and video evidence

Use Brightspace Portfolio to collect photo and video evidence of your learning in the classroom, at home, or on excursions. How you collect evidence with Brightspace Portfolio depends on the device you are using (class, personal, or family device) and the mode (Class Device, Family Mode, My Device).

After collecting evidence, you upload it to your class portfolio using the Brightspace Portfolio app or the Portfolio tool in Brightspace Learning Environment.

Important: Depending on how your course is configured, your instructor may need to approve any evidence you submit before it appears in your portfolio. This means that there may be a delay between when you upload the evidence and when it appears in your portfolio.

View recent evidence

To provide an intuitive workflow for uploading and approving evidence, the Brightspace Portfolio app in At Home and My Device mode includes a Recent Evidence list. From this list, you can view captured evidence that is uploading, awaiting approval by your instructor, and approved (added to your portfolio).

From the capture screen in the Brightspace Portfolio app, a Recent Evidence list icon Recent Evidence icon displays. Tapping the icon displays the Recent Evidence list. Each item includes the title of the evidence, the date it was uploaded, and the status of the upload. Tapping Back takes you back to the capture screen.

Note the following:

  • The Recent Evidence list displays evidence submitted within the last 30 days by the current user on the current device.

  • After you upload evidence, the status is refreshed after 10 minutes.

  • If Brightspace Portfolio cannot retrieve the status of evidence (the evidence was deleted, no internet connection), the status displays as "Not Available."