View evidence in archived portfolios

In the Portfolio tool, you can view evidence in archived portfolios, which are automatically removed from course portfolios and archived when the related courses become inactive. You can use a learner's archived portfolios to demonstrate growth, reflect on past learning, and showcase their best work.

Note the following:

  • To view a learner's archived portfolios, the learner must be in the class list for an active course where you are the instructor. You cannot view evidence in active courses if you are not the instructor.
  • When viewing an archived portfolio, breadcrumb links display at the top of the page, allowing you to navigate back to previous pages.
  • When viewing archived portfolios by years or courses, filtering is disabled.
  • Using the Previous and Next arrow buttons in an archived portfolio navigate to active evidence.

To view archived portfolios

  1. Log in to Brightspace Learning Environment.
  2. From the course selector or course tiles, navigate to your course.
  3. From the navbar, click Portfolio.
  4. Click View By: Students.
  5. Click a learner.
  6. From the learner's portfolio, click the portfolio selector, and then select Archived Portfolios.
  7. From the archived portfolio page, select a year, and then an archived course. Evidence for the archived course displays.