Using Brightspace Portfolio for Higher Education and Corporate Learning

In a higher education or corporate learning environment, adult learners document and share their learning journey with the Brightspace Portfolio app.

  • With the mobile app, learners capture photos or videos of their learning as it happens (known as evidence) and record their thoughts and reflections.

  • Learners upload pictures and audio reflections to Brightspace from the app.

  • From the Portfolio tool in Brightspace Learning Environment, the submitted evidence immediately appears in learner portfolios (no approval process). Instructors do not see evidence until learners explicitly share it with them, making this ideal for work in progress. The ability to allow learners to share evidence with instructors is configured by an administrator.

  • Once the evidence has been carefully curated by the learners, they share it with instructors, who then review the evidence and provide their feedback and assessments.

Note the following about the instructor sharing workflow:

  • To allow learners to share evidence with instructors, an administrator must turn on this workflow.
  • Once instructor sharing is turned on by an administrator, learners can only share evidence with instructors from the Portfolio tool in Brightspace Learning Environment.
  • If you are currently using Brightspace Portfolio and an administrator turns on instructor sharing for the first time, any existing evidence that was previously visible to you continues to be visible. However, any new evidence will not be visible to you until a learner shares it.
  • Evidence containing feedback, rubrics, or outcomes cannot be unshared with instructors.
  • Archived evidence can be shared and then unshared with instructors, even if it contains feedback, rubrics, or outcomes.
  • Learners can also share evidence with instructors by clicking the (...) Options menu on an evidence tile and selecting Share with Instructors.
  • When a learner shares evidence with an instructor, the date and time the evidence is shared is added to the evidence, visible to the learner and the instructor. However, the date and time that the evidence was collected is only visible to the learner.