Collect evidence of learning with Brightspace Portfolio

Brightspace Portfolio is a tool that empowers learners of all ages to independently capture evidence of learning. Learners can maintain their digital portfolio year after year, as they progress through their learning journey.

With Brightspace Portfolio, you can:

  • Create learner-centered digital portfolios

  • Use age-appropriate modes of the mobile app to collect evidence of learning

  • Document process and growth

  • Provide formative assessments and real-time feedback

  • Record audio and video reflections about a learner's work

  • Use Brightspace Portfolio year-over-year to reflect a learner's growth and showcase their work

  • Ensure learner data is secure and private

  • Share evidence of learning with parents and guardians by using Brightspace Parent & Guardian

Note: Brightspace Portfolio is intended to replace the legacy Brightspace ePortfolio product. Combined with all Brightspace Core functionality, Brightspace Portfolio will provide a complete solution, to not only replace Brightspace ePortfolio, but to enhance the entire experience. To schedule a roadmap presentation with the D2L Product Management team, contact your Customer Success Manager or Technical Account Manager.

D2L recommends that you do not use Brightspace Portfolio and Brightspace ePortfolio in the same Course Offering concurrently.