Using the Brightspace Portfolio app from home

Brightspace Portfolio Home mode supports young learners, their parents, and their teachers while they are learning from home.

The Funster mode was originally designed to be very easy to use for a young learner, while requiring minimal assistance from a teacher in a classroom setting. It assumes a teacher controls a shared classroom device, such as an tablet and scans the classroom card before students can use the device to capture photos and reflections. It’s a great tool for a classroom and this functionality continues to exist.

Now that kids are all learning at home, the dynamic has changed. There might be multiple kids in a family, all in different grades with different teachers, and it would be onerous for a teacher to individually send the class card and student cards to all parents.

Inform your learners and parents about Brightspace Portfolio Home mode by directing them to the Brightspace Portfolio At Home blog post, enabling them to self-serve their learner passcards containing their individual QR Codes and access Home mode. Optionally, Home mode for Teachers will now enable you to download your class QR Codes individually for distribution.

Note: QR Codes contain private information and should be treated as such.

As learners collect evidence with Brightspace Portfolio Home Mode, the evidence appears on the Approve Evidence page for your class in Brightspace Learning Environment.