Choose a workflow for submitting and approving evidence

You can choose a workflow for submitting and approving evidence in Brightspace Portfolio. The type of workflow you choose depends on your type of organization (K-12, Higher Education, Corporate) and the level of control you want to grant to learners or instructors. The d2l.Tools.Folio.LearnerControlsEvidenceSharing configuration variable controls this workflow at the org level.

By default, evidence submitted by learners is automatically shared with instructors and requires approval before the evidence displays in portfolios. This workflow grants more control to instructors, making it more suitable for younger learners in a K-12 learning environment. To enable this workflow, turn off the d2l.Tools.Folio.LearnerControlsEvidenceSharing configuration variable. This configuration variable is always off by default.

To offer learners a more personalized workflow for submitting evidence, learners can choose when to share evidence with instructors. When this workflow is enabled, submitted evidence immediately appears in learner portfolios (no approval process). Instructors do not see evidence until learners explicitly share it with them. This workflow is ideal for learners in a higher education or corporate learning environment where they may have work in progress that is not ready to share with instructors. For instructors, this allows them to only see evidence that is carefully curated by the learner for review, feedback, and assessment. To enable this workflow, turn on the d2l.Tools.Folio.LearnerControlsEvidenceSharing configuration variable.

Note the following:

  • Turning the d2l.Tools.Folio.LearnerControlsEvidenceSharing configuration variable on or off does not take effect immediately; you may have to wait a while.
  • If you are currently using Brightspace Portfolio and turn on instructor sharing for the first time, any existing evidence that was previously visible to instructors continues to be visible. However, any new evidence will not be visible to instructors until learners share it.
  • Once you turn on instructor sharing, learners can only share evidence with instructors from the Portfolio tool in Brightspace Learning Environment.
  • Evidence containing feedback, rubrics, or outcomes cannot be unshared with instructors.
  • Archived evidence can be shared and then unshared with instructors, even if it contains feedback, rubrics, or outcomes.