Setting due dates for assigned courses

You can set due dates when assigning individual courses in Learning Groups, as well as edit and remove due dates for previously assigned courses. The due date specifies the date the course must be completed by all the learners in the group. A course is considered completed when the learner has viewed all content and completed all quizzes.

Learning Groups offers two options for setting due dates for courses:

  • Specific Dates set a specific date to complete the assigned course for all members of the group, no matter when they are added to the group.
  • Relative Dates sets the due date for the assigned course to a specified number of days from the date of course assignment. This option ensures that each member of the learning group has the same number of days to complete the course, no matter when they are added to the Learning Group.

After a due date is set for an assigned course in Learning Groups, the due date appears in Manager Dashboard to enable managers to track user progress through a course. Overdue course alerts appear in Manager Dashboard for individual learners who do not complete their courses by the set due date.


  • You must enable Course Completion Tracking for each course before you can set a due date. Ensure that completion tracking remains enabled for any courses with a due date.
  • D2L recommends only setting due dates for active courses with no end date.
  • You cannot set due dates for the learning paths you assign using Learning Groups.