Enable completion tracking for each course offering

You must have the Manage Completion Tracking permission assigned to your role to set up course completion tracking, as well as permissions to edit the course. You must enable course completion tracking for each course you want to track. Manager Dashboard defines a course complete when all required content topics have been viewed by a learner in a course. Note that individual courses within learning paths can have Completion Tracking enabled, and you can view the progress for each course within a learning path in Manager Dashboard. You cannot set completion tracking for Learning Paths.

  1. Access the course offering.
  2. From the Course Administration page, click Completion Tracking.
  3. Select the Enable Completion Tracking for this Course check box. Note: by default, the Display % Progress check box is selected simultaneously. Clearing the Display % Progress check box keeps completion tracking enabled but displays text-based progress instead of the calculated percentage progress bar.
  4. Click Save and Close.