Overview of Manager Dashboard and Learning Groups

Manager Dashboard and Learning Groups (Manager Dashboard) is a set of tools that allow Admins, managers, and Learning and Development departments of an organization to manage enrollment and track course completion for teams, organizational groups, and individual users.

Manager Dashboard and Learning Groups consists of the following tools:

Manager Dashboard – allows people managers to assign courses to direct reports and other employees and view their course completion status.

Learning Groups - allows learning managers and administrators to organize employees into groups based on assigned attributes and create automatic learning path and course enrollments for the members of the groups.

Attributes management – enables administrators to define and assign important data that identifies all employees in the organization for organizing and assigning them into learning groups and courses.

Course Completion Tracking – enables managers to track the completion status of courses they assign to their teams and Learning Groups.

Manager Dashboard and Learning Groups can work with the Learning Paths tool to assign learning paths to learning groups, and monitor the completion of courses in learning paths for direct reports.