CSV validation

The CSV validation checks applies to all three import methods (Manual, API and IPSIS):

  • Files will not process if any validation error is detected.
  • Only required columns must be present in CSV file. Any missing required column will fail validation. Any other missing column is ignored.
  • Only select users need to be in the CSV file (i.e. doesn’t require all users). Only listed users are processed.
  • Any empty cell will be processed as a deletion of that attribute value for the user.
  • Invalid column not in schema will fail validation.
  • Invalid CSV (i.e. un-escaped string values) will fail validation.
  • The system looks up each “user” datatype (username, manager) in Brightspace Learning Environment and any invalid match will fail validation.
  • Any value not in range defined by schema will fail validation.
  • String checks string length.
  • Date checks date range.
  • CSV file size must be less than 2GB.
  • The d2l.Tools.ManagerRole.CoursesAvailableToAssign configuration variable must be set correctly for the Affiliated Org Units reserved attribute to process.