About the Welcome Window Widget

The Welcome Window Widget displays a pop-up message the first time a user logs into a course. This message can include text, images, and even short videos. Course creators and administrators can easily edit and update the content in the pop-up message, and you can include as many pages in the pop-up window as you need. The Welcome Window Widget is the perfect tool to welcome users, help orient them to the structure and navigation of the course, and set them up for success.

The Slim Announcements Widget is part of the Homepage Widget Expansion Pack.

The Welcome Widget

Use this widget when:

  • Your learners are new to Brightspace

    Use the Welcome Window at the Org level to provide an orientation to your learners. You can provide information about how your programs or courses work, where to find additional resources, and even how to navigate Brightspace.

  • Your learners are new to your course or program

    Use the Welcome Window to set expectations for your learners’ performance in the course. Let them know about policies, assessments, opportunities, and requirements. Consider including a brief video introducing yourself.

  • You have an important change or announcement you want users to know about

    Creating a new page in the Welcome Window content relaunches the window on the learner’s next log in. This is a great way to ensure that learner know about important updates, like a change to an assessment.