List of system widgets

System widgets are defined by the Brightspace Learning Environment platform. You cannot modify the contents of system widgets or delete them, but you can change where the widgets are located on your course homepage and customize their display options.



Admin Tools

The Admin Tools widget displays all of your available administrative links and provides easy access to the tools that you need to manage. The number of administrative links you are able to see in the Admin Tools widget is determined by your role’s permission settings in the Roles and Permissions tool.

Announcements The Announcements widget communicates important updates and information to users. You can create Announcements items with formatted text, graphics, audio, and quicklinks. You can also choose the date range and conditions for a Announcements item's availability.
Awards Leaderboard

The Awards Leaderboard is a customizable system widget that can be added to the homepages of course offerings or any shared homepage. It displays the top 10 users who have earned badges (Awards) in the course. Course administrators can configure the Awards leaderboard to display the learners with either the highest Number of Awards or Credits appearing at the top. Learners with the same number of awards/credits falling within the top 10 grouping are sorted by name in alphabetical order.

The Awards Leaderboard widget is part of a premium package, and may not be available in your organization.


This widget is used to bookmark pages in course content. The bookmark widget is typically located on course offering homepages.


The Calendar widget consists of a mini-calendar and a list of upcoming events. It displays all events created by instructors and administrators for the applicable month. Clicking on a day in the widget's mini-Calendar filters the event list to only display events for that day. Clicking on an event in the widget takes you to the event in the Calendar tool.


The Capture widget enables you to access the recording and presentation functions of Brightspace Capture Encoder, and provides direct links to all Capture presentations in a course to learners.

Content Browser

The Content Browser widget enables you to browse course content, view recently visited topics, and view bookmarked topics from your course homepage. You can access your recently viewed and bookmarked topics from the content browser home and use the drill-down menu to navigate course content topics and modules. As you navigate deeper into content modules, the navigation at the top enables you to move up one module level or jump backwards to the Content Browser home. To view a topic, click on its name to launch it in View Content. The Content Browser widget retains the place you left off when you return to your course homepage.

Course Administration

The Course Administration widget displays links to your course administration tools. The number of links you are able to see in the Course Administration widget is determined by your role’s permissions in the Roles and Permissions tool.

Google Search

The Google Search widget enables you to search the web from your homepage. Your search results open in a new window using your default internet browser.

My Courses

The My Courses widget shows course offerings in which users are enrolled and can access. Users can pin courses in the widget and navigate to course homepages by clicking the course tiles. Pinned course tiles display notifications for unevaluated assignment submissions and quizzes, and unread discussion posts.

My Settings

The My Settings widget only displays links the user has permission to view. These permissions are located under Account Settings in the Roles and Permissions tool. Users with permission to edit specific course offerings can access the Course Management tool from the widget menu.

Office 365

The Office 365 widget allows you to log in to your Office 365 account by entering your credentials. When you log in, the widget displays a list of your emails, calendar events, and OneDrive documents. Clicking anywhere in the widget takes you directly to your email, calendar, or OneDrive, depending on which tab you're on. Navigating to an individual email, calendar event, or OneDrive document within the widget is currently not supported.

Role Switch

The Role Switch widget enables you to temporarily switch your active role to another role in your organization by selecting it from a drop-down list. You can then navigate the org unit based on the permissions of another role without having to log out and log in as another user. For example, you can select another role to see how Course Home or a quiz appears to users in that role.


The Tasks widget enables you to view and manage tasks from the Calendar tool. You can add a due date and additional notes to each task, and the system sorts them into the categories of Today, Upcoming, or Someday (no due date).

If you mark a task complete, it disappears from the list. However, you can click the View Completed Tasks link to review the tasks you've finished.


The Updates widget can be configured to display any of the following links:

  • Unread submission files
  • Unevaluated assignment submissions
  • Unread discussions posts
  • New email
  • Ungraded quizzes
  • Quizzes that have not been attempted
  • Self-registration updates

The Updates widget can only be configured or updated by a D2L Implementation Services Specialist or D2L Support. Please contact D2L Support if you want to customize the links displayed.

User Links

The User Links widget allows users to create a personal list of links to external websites.

Work To Do The Work To Do widget provides learners with a summary of their assigned learning activities that are overdue or have an upcoming due date or end date across all their courses (when added to the Organization homepage). If the Work To Do widget appears on a course homepage, the summary of learning activities only applies to the specific course.