Add closed captions to a video note

  1. Create a video note in Brightspace Editor using Insert Stuff.
  2. Using a text editing program such as Notepad (PC), or TextEdit (Mac) create a .vtt file with the following format:

    WEBVTT [Required on first line to indicate file type]
    00:01.000 --> 00:03.000 [start and end timestamp in minutes:seconds.milliseconds]
    Insert caption text here [Type the captions you want displayed during this portion of the video]
    00:04.000 --> 00:08.000
    Insert caption text here.
    00:09:000 --> 00:14.000
    Insert caption text here.
  3. Save the text file as a .vtt file by including .vtt at the end of the file name, and setting the file type to All files.

  4. Return to Brightspace.

  5. From Admin Tools, select Video Note Captions.
  6. Search for the video note created in the previous steps and click it.

  7. Click Choose File, locate the .vtt file created in the previous steps, and click Open.

  8. Click Save Captions.

  9. Click the Video Preview, and select the options menu (...).

  10. Click Captions to change from Captions Off to Captions Default.

  11. Play the video and confirm the closed captions are visible and display at the appropriate times.

    Note: For more information on creating .vtt files, visit How to Create A WebVTT File. Ensure you follow the formatting exactly or the captions won't display. You can use any compatible third-party captioning method to complete this process.