View assessment details on the Outcomes Progress details page

View feedback and submissions for assignments and discussions topics for individual learners using the assessment details on the Outcomes Progress details page. Each child node displays the typical mini-trend for the progress of outcomes within the node. When a user clicks a specific outcome, the outcomes progress evidence page appears. The details page provides a complete view of the assessments, including:

  • Activity description
  • Learner submission
  • Rubric assessment
  • The score the learner achieved
  • Start and end dates
  • Outcomes and levels achieved
  • General feedback from the instructor or evaluator

To view the Outcomes Progress details page

  1. In the Course Administration menu, click Class Progress.
  2. Click on a learner's name.
  3. Click Standards.
  4. Use the Search bar or scroll to find a learning outcome.
  5. Select a learning outcome to see the evidence related to that outcome
  6. Click an evaluation in the Evidence list to open the Evidence Details page.