Class Progress overview

Content must meet three criteria to be included in the user progress:

  • The learner must have access to the content
  • The content must be marked with a completion method of Required Automatic or Required Manual
  • The content is not exempt

When content does not meet these conditions, the topics are not included in the calculation of the learner’s progress.

The Class Progress interface consists of these main areas:

  • The User Information area.
  • The Reports List area. (If you accessed Class Progress from My Home, the Reports List area also includes all courses that you are actively enrolled in.)
  • The Report Details area.
  • The Content Completed graph.

You can access the Class Progress tool from My Home and at the course level in the Classlist tool.

The Reports List area of Class Progress shows other courses you can check when you access it from My Home.

The Class Progress interface with the Summary view of a course selected.