Currently, there are two ways to set a user’s pronouns (e.g. he/his, she/her, or they/them). The user can set their pronouns using Account Settings or, if the pronouns are already set in a system of record, the pronouns can be set using an API. The user must select the Allow others to see my pronouns check box in the Account SettingsPronouns area for their pronouns to appear. Users ultimately have control over whether their pronouns are displayed.

To view the pronouns in the profile card, users must have the User Information Privacy > See Pronouns permission.

To enable pronouns for your organization, you must set the d2l.Settings.EnablePronouns (Org) configuration variable to ON. Once this configuration variable is enabled, the Pronouns area appears under Account Settings for all users.

To set the pronouns using the API and not allow users to set their own pronouns, refer to the pronoun calls in the Users API.

To allow users to choose their own pronouns, enable the Account Settings > Set My Pronouns organization level permission.