Set default notification options for users

You can set the default state of email notifications for new users at the organizational level to ensure that they receive announcements, course updates, and alerts when they are tagged in discussion posts and threads. Users can override these default settings by updating their notification preferences. The default state of SMS notifications is OFF for all new users and is not available to configure in this interface. To make this interface available, site administrators must enable the Notifications > Set Org Notification Defaults permission at the organizational level.

To set default email notification options for new users:

  1. From the Admin Tools menu, under User Related, click Notifications.
  2. Set the default email summary frequency.
  3. Under Notification Defaults, select the different course components that you want new users to be notified about by email.
  4. Click Save.

These defaults will apply to new users created going forward.

If you would like to update the notification options for current users or specific roles, you can do so through the Brightspace API. For your convenience, there is a Postman collection to help non-technical administrators confidently perform this action. To learn more about Postman, please visit the Brightspace Community.