View the System Log

The System Log displays logged information for system errors, warnings, debug information, and general information. You can view log message summaries and details, and you can filter and view messages by log type and date range.

If you view the system log by groups instead of individually, issues are grouped together according to log level, message, logger assembly, logger type, exception assembly, and exception type.

  1. From the Admin Tools menu, select System Log.
  2. Choose your filtering options to view the types of log items you want to see.

System Log Timestamps

All Brightspace instances use Amazon Time Sync Service to synchronize our clocks to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) global standard through Network Time Protocol (NTP), to ensure consistency of log timestamps across our servers. For more information about how to synchronize your local clocks, see the AWS documentation: Set the time for your Linux instance or Set the time for a Windows instance.