Link multiple Brightspace Orgs in a multi-site arrangement

Using Site Tabs allows separate Orgs to be linked together in a multi-site arrangement. Once the Orgs are linked, administrators can link user accounts across Orgs by populating a Global User ID in the appropriate Orgs using APIs.

This feature is useful to:

  • Large consortium clients, such as state level implementations that share teaching staff, administration staff, or learners across campuses set up as independent Orgs.
  • Professional Development for Education clients that want to brand and configure PD sites differently from their main Brightspace implementations.
  • Organizations with affiliated sites, programs, or schools that share learners and support staff, but operate independently.

Site Tabs help instructors or learners who teach or take courses at more than one Brightspace institution stay on top of their course load. The learner can log into any Brightspace Org that is part of the multi-site arrangement and see tabs for all their Brightspace Orgs across the top of the navbar. Organization announcements, course updates, and homepage content are kept separate for easy processing of information. Navigation to another site is simple and an activity alert on the Site Tab for another organization lets learners and instructors know there is new activity that they may wish to act on.

Individual Orgs retain autonomy in how they brand, configure and permission their site, while learners and instructors benefit from direct calls-to-action and easy access. Site Tabs help keep a Brightspace user's entire course load top of mind.

For additional documentation on Site Tab APIs visit our Valence documentation.

Note: This feature is available as an add-on for all Brightspace packages. Contact your D2L Client Sales Executive for add-on pricing details and to set up an implementation consultation.