Best practices for creating and using self assessments
  • D2L recommends that you create all self assessment questions within Question Library. This enables you to reuse questions in various quizzes, surveys, and self assessments. All point values are removed when importing questions from Question Library to self assessments.
  • To allow users to see hints to questions, select the Allow hints check box when creating a self assessment.
  • Create self assessment sections to organize your questions into folders. Avoid creating subsections within sections to keep question organization simple and intuitive.
  • You can also create categories to organize your assessments based on similar or related content.
  • Create random sections in self assessments to distribute a unique set of questions to individual users. Random sections pull questions from a designated pool of questions stored in Question Library.
  • Use the integrated Brightspace Editor to insert a self assessment into a Content topic, Announcements item, or event via quicklink if you want to include other information with the self assessment.