What is a seating chart session?

When you add an event to a seating chart with a location, it is called a session. You can track attendance and participation for sessions and make learner-specific comments.

You can access sessions from the Calendar tool and the Seating Chart tool.

You can set a positive threshold (the target participation score expected from learners in a session) and a negative threshold (the minimum score learners need to exceed to pass the session's participation requirements) for your sessions by clicking Settings in the Seating Chart tool.

When you click a session, it starts automatically and remains in progress until you click Set Session Completed. This locks the attendance, participation tracking, and comments that you enter for the session.

The following are possible session statuses that can display beside seating charts:



Not Launched/No Session

Seating charts with sessions that have not been launched, or that do not have sessions attached to them, display no icons beside their seating chart name.

In Progress

Seating charts with sessions in progress have an The in progress icon In Progress icon beside the seating chart name.


Seating charts with complete sessions have a box (A session complete example) where the number indicates the participation score for the session and the color indicates what threshold value the session attained.

Seating Chart uses color coding when viewing a session to help distinguish learner progress:


Learner progress


Indicates learners who are achieving or exceeding the positive threshold value.


Indicates learners who are below the positive threshold value, but are equal to or above the negative threshold value.


Indicates learners who are below the negative threshold value.