Upload a SCORM package to a pre-defined learning object repository

Brightspace Learning Object Repository (LOR) supports sending packages to the new SCORM engine. Administrators can select a SCORM package and upload it to any pre-defined LOR repository, with the ability to preview the upload package during the add process.

  1. Navigate to LOR.
  2. Select Publish. From Publish New Learning Object, select File or Package.
  3. Click Select File and select a SCORM package to upload.
  4. From Publish To, select Pick a Repository and choose a repository to receive the SCORM package upload.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Done.

Once you upload to the pre-defined LOR, you receive a unique URL associated with the package. You can also make changes to the SCORM package after uploading.

  1. Navigate to LOR.
  2. From Search For, enter search terms to find the desired SCORM package.
  3. Select the desired SCORM package.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. From Details, you can modify the following properties:
    • Package name
    • Package description
    • Associated keywords
  6. Click Save.