Override SCORM grade settings

You can choose to override SCORM grade object settings to force scores of 0 to the gradebook regardless of the SCORM success state using the configuration variable d2l.Tools.ContentService.AlwaysSubmitZeroGrade. Turning on this configuration variable overrides the SCORM package design to force non-successful SCORM scores to appear in the gradebook as 0. If you choose to not turn on the configuration variable, scores of 0 are only sent when the SCORM object success is set to Failure.

The d2l.Tools.ContentService.AlwaysSubmitZeroGrade configuration variable is OFF by default. Enabling this configuration variable will only apply for any future attempts per user per SCORM object. Once enabled, the grade override will function on a per user, per SCORM object basis if an incomplete or unsuccessful status is submitted (on the learner's next submission of the SCORM object).

Note: This configuration variable can be set at the Org level if you want all SCORM content in all org units to have a grade of zero submitted without the explicit failed status; alternatively, you can set the configuration variable for specific Org Units as required.