Define how learning materials interact with one another

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. It is a collection of standards that outlines how online learning materials and learning management systems should interact with one another. For additional details, visit: If you are using the legacy Brightspace SCORM solution and have Brightspace Learning Repository for your organization, you can save a SCORM object in the LOR and share it out to multiple courses. This allows you to reuse SCORM objects in multiple locations while saving space in each course. Be aware that the LOR does not support publishing SCORM 2004 content directly from your computer.

In order to use the new SCORM solution, you must enable the Content Service for your organization. If you do not enable the Content Service, your organization will continue to use the legacy SCORM solution. If you set up and want to use the new SCORM solution, store SCORM objects directly in Brightspace Learning Environment, and not in Brightspace Learning Repository. You then add SCORM objects directly into the content module you want them to reside in, either by uploading new objects, or selecting from stored objects you had previously uploaded. You can still link objects to multiple courses using dynamic or static linking as you could before, and you can use Import/Export/Copy Components to propagate a part of or a whole course containing SCORM objects to another course in Brightspace Learning Environment.

Brightspace Learning Environment is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant. SCORM can be used with mobile devices, provided the SCORM object has been developed to work on mobile devices. Access the non-mobile version of your site to make best use of the SCORM object.

For additional technical details about SCORM, visit: Because each authoring tool may interpret SCORM standards differently, consider viewing any SCORM-related documentation resources provided by your third party authoring tool.

For an external SCORM testing tool, visit:

Experience API package support

Using the new SCORM solution, instructors can also import and play Experience API (xAPI) packages as SCORM objects in course content.

Note: xAPI statements are saved to the Content Service; however, currently, the experience data captured in those statements is not accessible from Brightspace Learning Environment.