Quizzes and Question Library

Considerations around quizzes with associations to Question Library



Importing questions from Question Library into a quiz

When you import questions from Question Library into a quiz, you create a duplicate version of the questions. One version of the questions resides in the quiz and the original version resides in Question Library.

Deleting questions pulled from Question Library in a quiz

If you want to delete only an imported quiz question, make the changes directly inside the quiz. Questions will not automatically delete from the Question Library when deleted from a quiz.

Before deleting a question from the Question Library, ensure you delete it from every quiz in which it resides. You will not see the Question in Use page when deleting questions.

Copying a quiz with Question Library associations to another org unit

When you copy a quiz from one org unit or course offering to another, the newly copied quiz will contain the original set of quiz questions and formatting. Any changes you make inside the quiz (for example, deleting a question) will only affect the quiz, not the original questions stored in Question Library.

D2L recommends that when copying a quiz with associations to the Question Library, you also copy the particular section of the Question Library that contain the quiz questions. Doing so ensures that all your questions remain in the same course and allows you to create new question pools or random sections in future quizzes with these questions.