Editing quizzes with learner attempts

D2L recommends careful consideration before editing quiz questions or quizzes that have been released to learners and have learner attempts completed or in-progress. Changes you make to due date and time limit setting do not impact past attempts or in-progress attempts by users.

Edits to quiz due dates and time limits

Existing quiz due dates and time limits are locked at the time a learner begins a quiz attempt. Changes you make to due date and time limit settings on published quizzes will not impact past attempts or in-progress attempts by users. Only new quiz attempts will use the updated due date and time limit settings.

Edits to quiz scores and grading

Changes that alter the score or grading method of quiz questions apply only to the edited version of the quiz for future attempts.

The following types of edits to quiz questions can change the overall grade of a quiz.

  • Changing the points associated with a question in a quiz
  • Adding or removing a question
  • Changing the bonus status of a question

Quiz content and score edits do not apply to completed attempts or attempts in progress. Previous quiz attempts reflect the quiz content and scoring as it appeared to each learner at the exact time they started their attempt.

Overall grade calculations appear as follows for edited quizzes with unaltered previous attempts:

  • When using the Highest Attempt, First Attempt, Last Attempt, and Lowest Attempt methods, the learner's actual attempt numerator and denominator are used to calculate the Overall Grade. The denominator in Overall Grade for previous attempts is not changed by edits that alter the quiz score for future attempts. The Overall Grade is determined by the highest percentage score across all attempts.
  • For the Average Attempt method, the learner's percentage scores are averaged and displayed using the denominator of the most recently edited version of the Quiz.

Update question scores for previous attempts on quizzes

You can directly alter learner scores on specific questions in previous attempts on an edited quiz using Update All Attempts.

  1. On the course navbar, click Quizzes.
  2. From the context menu of the quiz you have edited, click Grade.
  3. In the Questions tab, select Update All Attempts.
  4. Click the quiz question that you want to grade.
  5. Enter grades for all respondents in the appropriate Grading Type field.
  6. Click Save.