Customize the submission view

To release the submission view to learners immediately upon completion of the quiz, on the Edit quiz page > Assessment tab, select the Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion check box. Submission views are set up in terms of a default view and an additional view. The default view enables all learners, for instance, to see their final quiz score immediately after submitting the quiz. An instructor could edit the default view and show questions answered incorrectly, show questions answered correctly, show all questions without user responses, or show all questions with user responses. Displaying a detailed submission view to all learners immediately after submitting a quiz would work if all learners take the quiz at the same time. However, if learners are completing the quiz at different times, and the instructor wants to ensure that learners do not share the answer key with other learners, the instructor may choose to create an additional submission view. This additional view only appears to learners when instructors publish the feedback on a quiz attempt.

To customize the submission view:

  1. On the navbar, click Quizzes.
  2. On the Manage Quizzes page, from the context menu of the quiz you want to create a submission view for, click Edit
  3. To edit the default view, on the Submission Views tab, click Default View. Make your changes and click Save.
    Note: The Default View is displayed if the Additional View restriction rules you set are not met.
  4. To create a new view with some restrictions, on the Submissions View tab, click Add Additional View.
  5. Under View Properties, enter a Name for the new submission view, and enter a Message for the learners when the submission view displays.
  6. Under View Restrictions, add rules for when the submission view is released to a learner.
    • To release the submission view to learners at a given date, enter a Date.

    • To apply the same IP restrictions set on the quiz, enable IP Restrictions (IPv4).

    • To limit the time the submission view is available to a learner, select the Limit the amount of time (in minutes) for which this view is available after the quiz is submitted check box and enter a time in minutes.
      Note: This time starts immediately after the instructor grades the learner’s quiz and publishes quiz feedback. If the date you selected to release this additional submission view is further away than the time entered here, learners will not be able to view their quiz submission.
      Note: The View Restrictions section is not available in the Default View.

  7. Under View Details, select the quiz and question details you want to display to learners in the submission view.
    • Under Show Questions, select either Yes or No. If you decided to show the questions to learners in the submission view, select one of the four following options to specify how you want the questions to appear in the submission view:
      • Show questions answered incorrectly - Only incorrectly answered questions appear in the submission view.
      • Show questions answered correctly - Only correctly answered questions appear in the submission view.
      • Show all questions without user responses - All quiz questions appear in the submission view. However, learner responses are not displayed.
      • Show all questions with user responses - All quiz questions and learner responses are displayed in the submission view.
  8. You can optionally select how the answers and scores related to the questions display to learners in the submission view:

    • Show question answers - Displays the answers to the questions based on the option you selected in step 7.

    • Show question score and out of score - Displays a learner's score for each question and the value of each question, depending on the option selected in step 7.

  9. To display the standards associated to quiz questions and the evaluation a learner received on them, select the Show standards checkbox.

  10. Under Score, you can select to Show attempt score and overall attempt score, which allows learners to view their attempt score once their quiz attempt has been graded and published.

  11. Under Statistics, select the following options:

    • Show class average - This allows learners to view the class average for the quiz.

    • Show score distribution - This allows learners to view the distribution of scores.

  12. Click Save.
  13. Click Save and Close.