Add assessments to a quiz
  1. On the navbar, click Quizzes.
  2. On the Manage Quizzes page, from the context menu of the quiz you want to add assessments to, click Edit.
  3. In the Assessment tab, do any of the following:
    • In the Assessment area, if you want to grade quiz attempts immediately, select the Automatic Grade check box. You can add a new or existing numeric grade item to the quiz, set quiz results to automatically export to the grade book, edit how the quiz grade appears to learners, and give learners the ability to send their quiz results to their Brightspace ePortfolio, if applicable.
    • In the Assessment tab, in the Attempts area, set how many attempts a learner can make on a quiz, how multiple attempts are calculated, and the minimum and maximum percentage score that a learner must achieve on a previous attempt to qualify for another attempt.
  4. Click Save and Close.