Add a new custom link to the navbar

  1. On the navbar, click Course Admin.
  2. Click Navigation & Themes.
  3. From the tool navigation, click Custom Links > Create Link and ensure the following fields are filled in:
    • Name: The name of the link you want to appear in the navbar.
    • URL: Add the URL path the custom link follows or click Insert Quicklink to link to existing course material or third-party tools.
    • Behavior: Determines the behavior of the user interface when the link is clicked.
      • If you selected New window/tab, specify the Width (px) and Height (px) of the new window/tab.
    • Under Browser Attributes, specify if you want the new window to include the Menubar (File, Edit, etc.), or the Toolbar (Back, Refresh, etc.) or neither of these options.
    • Description: Provides an optional description of the custom link.
    • Icon: An icon to use with the custom link.
    • Availability: Determines the visibility of the custom link.
      • To share with child organization units, select the Share with child org units check box.
      • To limit the visibility of the custom link to specific roles, select the Limit to specific roles check box and then select the roles.
      • To limit visibility of the custom links to users with specific locales, select the Limit to specific locales check box and then select the locales
  4. Click Save.