About Shared Files

Any user who knows the URL can access files in the /shared/ directory. Instructors can store templates and files in the Shared Files area and other instructors can then import these templates and files into their courses when creating content.

Warning: Since user authentication is not necessary to access the Shared Files directory, D2L strongly recommends that you do not store sensitive, private, or confidential information in this location.

Files in the Shared Files directory are visible to users who have the Browse Shared Files permission. These users can view the Shared Files area as an option when adding files to Content or other locations in Brightspace Learning Environment.

Users with the Upload/Edit/Delete Shared Files permission can add files into the Shared Files area and can edit or delete existing files.

In some instances, when you upload .jpg files in any file upload area across Brightspace Learning Environment, an EXIF (exchangeable image file) data warning appears informing the user that the file may contain geolocation data.