Set up integration with a tool provider
  1. From the Admin Tools menu, click External Learning Tools.
  2. Click the Manage Tool Providers tab.
  3. Click New Tool Provider.
  4. In the Launch Point field, enter the base URL supplied by the tool provider (do not include http://).
  5. In the Version field, choose a version. There are various versions of LTI, each with a range of capabilities. For details on functionality, refer to the LTI version chart.
  6. In the OAuth Signature Method field, specify the cryptographic hash function. HMAC-SHA256 is the default value.
    Note: If a link does not domain match to a tool provider, HMAC-SHA1 is specified instead of the default HMAC-SHA256 value. If the tool requires HMAC-SHA256, you must create a tool provider using HMAC-SHA256.
  7. In the Secret field, enter the secret supplied by the tool provider.
  8. To use a key that is not your default key, check the Use custom tool consumer information instead of default check box and update the appropriate fields. Use this option if the key from the tool provider is not your default key, or you want the tool provider to access different information than you usually share with other tool providers.
  9. To manage security settings at the tool provider level rather than for each individual link, under Security Settings, select the tool consumer, context, and user information required by the tool provider.
  10. Click Save.