Configuration variables and permissions that affect Learning Outcomes

Because Learning Outcomes has affects throughout the Brightspace Learning Environment, there are configuration variables and permissions attached to several tools that affect the use of Learning Outcomes.

Setting configuration variables for use with Learning Outcomes

The following configuration variables affect how you can use Learning Outcomes. Review these configuration variables to ensure that you have them set correctly for your implementation of the Brightspace Learning Environment and your use of Learning Outcomes:

  • d2l.Tools.LearningOutcomes.ToolIntegrationEnabled turns on outcomes assessment throughout the assessment tools. The default setting is ON.
  • d2l.Languages.Terminology.LearningOutcomes enables you to choose your preferred terminology for learning outcomes in the Brightspace Learning Environment. Set a term that is close to the terminology used in your institution. Options include Standards, Expectations, Competencies, Objectives, or Outcomes. The default setting is Standards.
  • d2l.Tools.Rubrics.CreateExperienceOptIn turns on the updated Rubrics creation experience to align standards to rubric criteria. The default setting is ON and it cannot be edited.
  • d2l.Tools.LearningOutcomes.LoaSuggestions provides suggested assessments for standards in an activity when the standard is aligned to multiple criteria in a points-based rubric, and based on the points and percentage thresholds you have set up. The default setting is Enabled. To turn off the suggestions, change the setting to Disabled.
  • d2l.Tools.Quizzes.NewQuizBuilderExperience ensures that the new quiz builder is turned on so that you can align learning outcomes to quiz questions. Set the configuration variable to ON (Opt In) or ON for the org units where you want to use the new experience. This can be set for the entire org or individual org units.

Setting permissions for use with Learning Outcomes

Ensure that all roles that will set up and use Learning Outcomes havethe appropriate permissions:

  • Learning Outcomes > Manage Outcomes. This allows administrators and curriculum owners import from ASN or the program level into a course, and or create learning outcomes in a course. It also lets users copy standard requirements between courses.
  • Learning Outcomes > Manage Programs. This allows a user to create programs and import or create outcomes into a program.
  • Content > Manage Content. This allows a user to import standards using the New Content Experience and if granted at the org level, will allow a user to see the org-level Learning Outcomes tool to set up achievement scales and define programs.

To set these permissions:

  1. On the Administrator home page, click Admin Tools.
  2. Under Security, click Roles and Permissions.
  3. Select a user role that will be using Learning Outcomes.
  4. Under Filter by Tool, click Learning Outcomes, and then click Apply Filter.
  5. Then, give the role the Manage Programs and Manage Outcomes permissions.
  6. Under Filter by Tool, click Content. Then give the role the Manage Content permission.

Note: Instructor permissions are required in each of the individual tools to align standards to individual assessments.