Mapping outcome levels of achievement to rubric evaluation levels

Levels of achievement in the Brightspace Learning Environment are mapped to rubric levels of evaluation. As a result, when instructors associate outcomes with a rubric criterion, a level of achievement is suggested based on the rubric level of evaluation.

If the default achievement scale has percentages and the rubric is either points-based or custom points-based, then the achievement scale levels are automatically mapped based on the scoring percentage for each criterion row. Those mappings are not displayed in the edit view of the rubric since the percentage value may not align specifically with the evaluation levels of the rubric.

If the default achievement scale does not contain percentages, or if the rubric is text only (No Score), then the achievement levels mappings are automatically suggested to rubric levels if there are the same number of levels in each.

If there are more rubric levels than achievement levels, some achievement levels may not be mapped to the rubric. By default, the display distributes the levels symmetrically. The center of both rubrics and achievement outcome levels are automatically mapped, and the levels on each side of the center are distributed equally, as equally and symmetrically as possible. If the default is not appropriate for your implementation, you can make manual adjustments to the alignments.

If there are more achievement levels than rubric levels, some achievement levels will not be included in the map. In this case, the top and bottom achievement levels are automatically mapped to the top and bottom rubric levels. Then, the second level from the bottom and second level from the top are dropped, then the fourth level from the bottom and the top are dropped, and so on, until only every other achievement level is mapped to the rubric.


Figure: Create or Edit rubrics dialog enabling instructors to adjust the achievement mapped to the rubric levels.