Edit Learning Outcomes

Outcomes can be imported into programs at the org unit or imported and aligned to rubrics to assignments, quiz questions, or discussion topics at the course level.

When copying outcomes from one course offering to another, the default behavior is for the outcome to remain linked to the source course. Changes made to the source outcomes are automatically pushed to the linked copies. If you want to edit custom created outcomes in the target course, the outcomes must be detached, either individually, or in bulk. To solve this issue, the copied objects must be unlinked in the target course to be editable. When custom created learning outcomes are unlinked from the source course, they become their own object. Once the link is broken, they no longer inherit changes from the source outcomes. This is useful in a scenario when you want to create an update to a master course shell or to teach a new course based on another course with similar but not identical outcomes.

Note: This feature does not apply to Achievement Standards Network (ASN) or Program-imported outcomes. It is only available for custom-created outcomes.

A warning message appears when you start this action to confirm that you intend to unlink custom created outcomes from the source and that there is no undoing this function.

Use the Import/Export/Copy Components tool to copy one or more learning outcomes from a source to a target course. Then, in the target course, using the Standards tool, select one or more outcomes to detach from the source course.

To assist in knowing which learning outcomes can be edited from a user’s current location, there are icons to indicate if an outcome is locked (cannot be edited) or is a linked copy (cannot be edited unless it is unlinked first).

Note: If you edit outcomes that have been copied to one or more different courses, the changes you make are inherited in all the target courses; however, if you make changes to target courses, the changes are not saved back to the source course. A confirmation message is displayed in the source course to indicate that edits to copied outcomes are inherited in all the copied target courses.