Create an achievement scale

At the org level, administrators can define achievement scales used to measure a learner’s performance. Levels may have labels such as Beginning, Meeting Expectations, Exceeding Expectations, and Proficient. You likely already have an internal policy for these terms. In the examples here, there will be two levels: Not yet and Got it. Achievement scales can be available in all org units and a default scale applies to the entire org.

If you attempt to change the default achievement scale, an alert message appears to advise of the implications of making the change. If you change the scale and assessments have been completed using the previous scale, the previous assessments are excluded from the overall achievement calculations in the Grade book Mastery View. The assessments are also excluded from the performance trend line display in Outcomes Progress.

Note: The language term used to describe learning outcomes depends on the value set for the d2l.Languages.Terminology.LearningOutcomes configuration variable. For example, the Learning Outcomes tool or the Outcomes tab in an assignment can be labeled as Competencies, Expectations, Objectives, Outcomes, or Standards. By default, the Learning Outcomes tool displays as the Standards tool in the Admin Tools menu.

  1. Using a role that has the Manage Content permission at the org level, click Admin Tools.
  2. Under Organization Related, click Standards. Note: The link name depends on the language term you have defined in d2l.Languages.Terminology.LearningOutcomes.
  3. On the Standards page, click Create Scale.
  4. On the New Scale page, enter a scale name and number of levels.
  5. Enter a color indicator and name for each level of achievement.
  6. If you also want suggestions for standards assessment based on % of points achieved on points-based rubrics, custom point-based rubrics, and quiz questions, enter percentage thresholds for each level.

    The New Scale page
  7. Click Save and Close.
  8. On the Standards page, click the context menu of the scale you just created and click Set as Default.
    Note: The scale you set as default is applied to every org unit in your organization.
  9. Confirm that you want to set the scale as the default and click Set as Default.

Note: Achievement scale suggestions in quiz questions require the use of a percentage-based scale. If a non-percentage-based scale is your default, then the achievement scale levels must be manually set by the instructor for each student’s quiz attempt.

The percentage ranges for the levels and the option to map levels to percentage scores cannot be changed after the scale is saved. If these values must be changed, create a new scale and set the new scale to be the default.

Next Steps: After your scale is ready to be used, add some standards to your course.