Set a language pack

Use the Manage Languages tool to customize Brightspace Learning Environment to suit the specific language needs of your organization.

The Manage Languages tool enables you to:

  • Edit system language packs (available in Arabic, Spanish (Latin America and Castilian), Brazilian Portuguese, French (Canada and France), Japanese, Korean, Swedish, German, Danish, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Welsh, and English (US, UK and Canada) provided by D2L to reflect your organization’s unique branding for tools and features. Please contact your account manager for more information on availability of language packages and pricing.
  • Create custom language packs tailored to specific audiences or learning capabilities.

Changes to language packs only apply to the organization you make them in. Therefore, you can maintain separate language changes (branding) for multiple organizations on the same instance. All of your changes are maintained between upgrades.

D2L strives to continuously improve the quality of Brightspace Learning Environment through new tools and tool enhancements. As a result, language terms are created, removed, and deprecated with any given release. Maintenance of language packs is an ongoing process.