Considerations for setting up agents

When you create a new agent, you need to determine:

  • The criteria the agent looks for. The agent can check user login activity, course activity, and/or triggered release conditions. Be aware that intelligent agents evaluate the status of release conditions at the time that they run. A user that may have satisfied a release condition on a prior run, may no longer satisfy a release condition on a subsequent run, especially in the case of our 'NOT' conditions.
  • How often the agent is scheduled to run and find users that meet its criteria. If you don't set a schedule then the agent must be manually triggered on the Agent List page.
  • How often the agent takes action when a user satisfies the criteria. I.e. Will the agent send one email the first time the user triggers the agent, or send reminder emails to the user every time the agent runs?
  • The action you want the agent to take when it finds a user that fits the criteria it is looking for. An agent could: change enrollment in the current course, or enroll into another course; send an email to the user, their auditor, or other user; or do nothing (choosing no action enables the agent to run and generate reports of who has satisfied the criteria during different runs of the agent).


    • You must have the appropriate enrollment permissions in the current or destination courses to create intelligent agents that change user enrollments.
    • File attachments and inserted images in emails cannot exceed the limit set for your institution for email attachments.