Run an agent manually

To run an agent manually

Typically, agents are set up to run automatically. If you do not have a regular schedule set up for an agent, you must run it manually.

When you run an agent manually, it sends a confirmation email to the user that requested or set up the agent. This email contains the following information: org unit code and name, which agent ran, time and date the request was submitted, time and date the request was finished, and whether the agent took action.

You can set up a manual run of an intelligent agent at any time in a course with a passed end date. Agents do not need to be enabled in order to set up a manual run.

  1. On the navbar, click Course Admin.
  2. Click Intelligent Agents.
  3. From the context menu of the agent you want to run manually, click Run Now.
  4. To confirm the manual run, click Run.