Inserting equations in the HTML Editor

The Graphical Equation Editor enables users to insert mathematical equations within the HTML Editor. It supports the input of MathML, LaTeX, graphical, and chemistry equations.

Note: LaTeX is now available in the new quizzing experience.

The Graphical Equation Editor in Brightspace Learning Environment 10.2 and newer does not require Java support or have specific browser compatibility considerations. Existing equations created before Brightspace Learning Environment 10.2 will still require Java Applet support but are up-converted to MathML upon an edit.



MathML equation

MathML is a standard adopted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It uses XML to describe mathematical notation by capturing both its structure and content. This enables MathML to support visual display and assistive technology access.

As a standard, Brightspace Learning Environmentstores and displays all equations in the MathML format, regardless of the format you use to enter equations. Brightspace Learning Environment uses the MathJax JavaScript engine to display MathML equations.

Go to to learn more about MathJax features.

LaTeX equation

LaTeX is a typesetting system based on TeX. It provides a text syntax for complex mathematical formulae. Brightspace Learning Environment stores equations entered in LaTeX format as MathML to ensure consistency and accessibility.

Chemistry equation The Chemistry equation option offers specialized chemistry symbols for inorganic chemistry formulas.
Graphical equation The Graphical equation option offers 10 tabs of symbols, arrows, Greek letters and numbers, matrices, scripts and layouts, decorations, big operators, calculus, and context for creating math equations.