Enforce a default homepage on child org units

Enforcing a homepage prevents instructors from assigning custom homepages to individual courses. This enables you to manage all of your organization’s homepages from a single source; when you update the enforced homepage, all child org unit homepages reflect that change.

Enforcing homepages enables you to create and implement organization-wide branding and content. As a result, learners and instructors experience consistent organization-wide homepages for courses and consistent navigation that focuses on branding, color, and discoverability.

  1. On the My Home page, click Course Admin > Homepages.
  2. From the context menu of the homepage you want to enforce for all child org units, click Force Homepage. This option is only available for the homepage you've set as default.
  3. Click Enforce.

If you click Don’t Force Homepage from the context menu of the enforced homepage, the default homepage for all child org units returns to the course default.