Export grades

To export grades

To export grades D2L recommends that you set up your grade book in Brightspace even if you want to enter grades in a CSV or TXT file. You can then use the Export Grades option to create an appropriately structured file.

  1. On the navbar, click Grades.
  2. On the Enter Grades page, click Export.
  3. In the Export Options area, do the following:
    • From the Export Grade Items For drop-down list, select who you want to export grade items for.
    • Select the Key Field you want to use to identify users.
    • From the Sort By drop-down list, select the sorting order of the fields that appear in the exported file.
    • Select the Grade Values and User Details you want to export.
      Note: When selecting the Email option, you can override the internal email value in the export with each user's external email. Contact your administrator or D2L Support to ask them to turn ON the config variable d2l.Tools.Grades.ImportExport.OverrideEmailWithExternal. An empty value will be exported if a user does not have an external email value entered.
  4. In the Choose Grades to Export area, select the grade items you want to export.
  5. Click Export to CSV or Export to Excel. A pop-up window appears. Click on the file link to download it.

Note: If a student is enrolled in multiple groups within a Group Category, or multiple sections within a course, those enrollments are exported as a comma-separated list within a cell.