Create an interactive gaming experience to improve engagement

Game Based Learning (GBL) is the use of games to enhance the learning experience.

Incorporating game based mechanics, visual design, and thinking into a course can help organizations improve learner motivation and engagement. Learners who are engaged are more inspired to succeed.

A highly interactive gaming experience is something that many learners are already comfortable with. They can proceed at their own pace and get immediate feedback about their progress.

In a game based environment, learners work towards a set goal. A risk-free setting encourages experimentation by letting them choose their own actions. They can even repeat a step if they need to.

Instructors can determine the scope and depth of the gaming experience, implementing game based learning that fits unique needs and objectives.

In the spirit of gaming, learners can personalize their learning experience by creating their own unique character (an avatar) using the Create Avatar process. The avatar is visible when learners access the Game Map.

Designing a Game Based Learning module

To motivate and engage learners, D2L recommends considering the four stages of course gamification when designing your Game Based Learning module:

  • Stage one: know your learners. To make sure your gamified course meets your learners’ needs, first analyze their player types.
  • Stage two: design a game plan. Consider how your mechanics will work and how often learners will encounter them.
  • Stage three: create gamified content. Be creative and put your mechanics to work.
  • Stage four: play the game. It takes time and even a little trial and error to create a great gamified experience, but these four simple steps are fundamental guidelines towards which all gamification effort should be built.