Assessing discussion threads

You can assess discussion threads against learning outcomes aligned to a discussion topic. This allows you to easily assess learner progress against learning outcomes in Discussions. Learners can view the results of your assessment, making it easier for them to understand their progress against a learning outcome, and locate areas for improvement.

When you assess a discussion thread, a section for measuring learning outcomes displays. Using the scale defined by an administrator, you measure the learner's achievement in each learning outcome, for example, Does Not Meet Expectations, Meets Expectations, or Exceeds Expectations.

After you publish the assessment of the discussion thread, the learner navigates to the discussion topic and views the assessment.

Note the following:

  • The d2l.Tools.LearningOutcomes.LoaSuggestions configuration variable must be turned on to enable achievement suggestions.
  • To use learning outcomes, your administrator must define a scale for your organization that measures achievement in a course. In addition, you must import or create learning outcomes int your course. For more information, see Align learning outcomes to discussion topics.
  • The d2l.Languages.Terminology.LearningOutcomes enables you to choose your preferred terminology for learning outcomes in the Brightspace Learning Environment. By default, this configuration variable is set to Standards however, other options include Expectations, Competencies, Objectives, or Outcomes.
  • Adding a rubric to a discussion is optional; it is not required for assessing learning outcomes.
  • Learners cannot view your assessment of learning outcomes in a discussion thread until you publish it.
  • Learning Outcomes may be directly aligned to the Discussion topic or may be indirectly aligned through the Rubric that is being used to evaluate the topic. Assessment of learning outcomes is available in the Discussion tool regardless of which method is used to align outcomes to the topic.

To assess a discussion thread against learning outcomes, see Assess users in discussion threads.